Monday, April 10, 2006

Celebrities with alzheimers disease

I do not understand why some have a real problem with the thought of marriage, just like this one friend of mine. I guess it all comes down to people having an issue with commitment and tying themselves down to just one thing. Itz as easy as pie and non-commital to just log onto on the internet, conduct a search on anything like celebrities with alzheimers disease, finish your search, click the x and be done with it. No commitment, no nothing. But I keep telling my friend that this non-commital way is just not healthy. Sometimes I truly believe that people are truly missing out on some serious substance to their life by finding someone they can be truly compatible with. But perhaps that is too much to ask for some people. Just having fun is too easy and getting seriously involved in just one person may be a little to uncomfortable on the intimate scale. Who knows. All I know is that finding a true love can be challenging, but I guess that life aint just a walk in the park.


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